Anita Mui

Movie theater lists a few of Anita Mui's role played. This includes storyline, reviews, comments and story writing. To enjoy the movie making process, all user are invited to pen their story into selected movie play. This can be in submitted in either language of Chinese or English. Additional movie synopsis will be added in time, please be patient and help us build this into a creative site for all to enjoy.

[ 電影院]將展示一些阿梅拍的電影。同時會登出故事情節、評論、評語和故事寫作。各位網友隨時歡迎在此改寫電影情節,一嚐電影製作的過程。各網友可以用中文或英文投稿 。網主將逐漸登出其他一些影 片摘要,並希望在各網友的幫助下,把本網的[電影院] 變成一個大家的創作天地。         

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專業影評                                   歌迷評語 

July Rhapsody (2002)

Dance of A Dream (2001) 愛君如夢

Let's Sing Along (2001)    男歌女唱                  

MidnightFly  (2001)          慌心假期

The Executioner  (1993)    東方三俠 (1993)         

The Heroic Trio (1992)     東方豪俠傳 (1992) Copyright ed by Casper Snoopy.
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