Anita Mui


Midnight Fly  慌心假期     (2001)

Production/Director  監製:  Jacob Cheung  張之亮
Scrip  編劇:  Tang Tse-chun  鄧子峻
Cast  演員:    Anita Mui  梅艷芳, Junna Risa  純明里沙, ShaunTam  譚俊彥, Simon Yam  任達華
Their love fading, Michele and Tong are in the final stage of a failed marriage.  She escapes to Europe to contemplate their inevitable divorce.  In southern France, she is drawn to the only other Asian on the tour, the beautiful Miki.  The Japanese model is also trying to end a relationship, this one to a married man.  There is nothing like failed relationship to foster an emotional bond, and the women become close friends. At the end of their tour, they decide to continue their journey to an exotic Morocco. Here their relationship becomes a passion and betrayal.
This idyllic escapade comes to an abrupt end with a shocking revelation. During an evening of drunken revelry, Miki accidentally discloses that she is the other woman, the latest in Tong's string of affairs.  Michele is shattered by the news and is about to flee Morocco when Miki suddenly disappears.  Desperate to find the woman who holds the key to everything, Michele is reduced to calling her last option - Tong.
At the end, Tong decides to forget Miki, and begs Michele to do the same.  He pleads for Michele to return  to Hong Kong and start anew.  However, Michele decides to stay behind to look for Miki. 
After a long search, Miki is found in a brothel being forced into prostitution.  While helping Miki to escape, Michele was shot dead.
Michele 和 Tong 的婚姻頻臨破裂。Tong 是名醫生,但風流成性。Michele 跑到歐洲旅行,好在離婚前收拾心情。在法國南部 ,她被一亞洲女子所吸引。這名漂亮的日籍模特兒原來是不堪跟已婚男子之戀的困擾而逃到歐洲。同病相憐,兩人頓成密友,並結伴同遊摩洛哥。玩得不亦樂乎,發展出一段難捨難離的感情。某夜兩人傾吐心事時,竟發現 Miki 的情人就是 Tong。Michele 打算離開摩洛哥,卻發現 Miki 不知所蹤。Michele 遍尋不獲,最後強忍屈辱,找 Tong 來幫忙。最終,Tong 決定放棄 Miki,並勸 Michele 忘記一切,回香港從新開始。但是,Michele 決定留下來繼續尋找 Miki。最終在妓院找到被迫為娼的 Miki。Michele 結果在協助 Miki 逃離時中槍身亡。 Copyright ed by Casper Snoopy.
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