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SCMP, Dec 21, 2001
Let's Sing Along
In Cantonese

Starring Dayo Wong, Anita Mui
Director Matt Chow
Category IIA

Review by Paul Fonoroff (Email:

When it comes to local culture, you can't get more Hong Kong than karaoke, the background of the farce Let's Sing Along. Starring stand-up comedian Dayo Wong (right), whose brand of wacky humour is Hong Kong to the extreme, and Anita Mui, the very personification of a Canto-pop super idol, the film leads one to hope it might do to karaoke what You Shoot, I Shoot did to another beloved Hong Kong institution, the gangster film.

Alas, it just comes across as exceptionally hoarse.

It isn't that director Matt Chow, who co-scripted with Lau Ho-leung, doesn't have some good ideas, but they are so scattered as to be more suitable for a half-hour skit rather than a feature-length motion picture. Wong plays King, a self-styled karaoke champion whose lack of musical talent is equaled only by his passion for song. He works as a lowly messenger in an office whose most drab ''office lady'' is Chu Wai-tak (Mui), a prune who really knows how to sing but freezes up in front of others. Winning a karaoke contest becomes a target akin to attaining an Olympic gold medal, with King coaching Chu and the two focusing on their goal to the exclusion of virtually everything else in life.

Like so many Hong Kong comedies, this one has a fine premise that somehow gets lost on the way to the big screen. A major disappointment is the transformation of Chu from dowdy office lady to equally dowdy karaoke queen. Mui is not nicknamed ''hundred changes'' for nothing, yet in Let's Sing Along she is barely altered despite nearly 90 minutes of training by zany Wong. The contest comes as a letdown, with Chu demonstrating her vocal talents for mere seconds, and when she warbles it is hardly up to championship, let alone Anita Mui, quality.

Though the English and Chinese titles indicate a collective spirit lacking in the film's original name, ''Karaoke King'', the end result is still an overemphasis on King with his partner coming across as an afterthought in creative inspiration, if not in screen footage.

The lack of chemistry between the two stars makes Let's Sing Along less of a duet than two solos gone flat.

Let's Sing Along is screening at UA cinemas and the Broadway circuit.

Dance Of A Dream (Cantonese) (IIB): Andy Lau stars in this romantic comedy about ballroom dancing. As a successful dance instructor, Wah (Lau) cons women out of their cash while laying his ''dance philosophy'' pretty thick on a string of besotted women. Along to his class comes Kam (Sandra Ng), a waitress with dancing-diva aspirations. Watching her perfect the craft and work double-shifts to pay for his class, Wah is burdened by his conscience and attraction to her. It's about as deep as cotton candy. Also stars Anita Mui and Edison Chan. **

Let's Sing Along (Cantonese) (IIA): Hong Kong diva Anita Mui stars as a poor office worker who hopes to win a karaoke competition. Humdrum music and mush. **

男歌女唱》有笑料 黃子華抵死 梅艷芳騰雞  
10th Dec 2001

【 明 報 專 訊 】 雖 然 粗 粗 俗 俗 , 但 《 男 歌 女 唱 》 笑 料 不 少 , 黃 子 華 衰 得 抵 死 , 梅 艷 芳 則 騰 雞 得 趣 怪 , 搞 出 典 型 香 港 小 市 民 鬧 笑 感 。 我 看 的 一 場 , 觀 眾 反 應 不 錯 , 尤 其 因 為 該 片 針 對 唱 K 流 行 風 尚 , 誇 張 中 也 有 親 切 感 。

奇 怪 的 是 , 這 部 明 星 與 題 材 應 有 通 俗 吸 引 力 的 港 片 , 卻 不 能 排 在 熱 門 院 線 。 上 映 戲 院 多 數 在 新 界 , 港 島 市 區 只 得 比 較 偏 僻 的 灣 仔 京 都 。 我 在 上 周 末 知 道 銅 鑼 灣 皇 室 戲 院 , 加 入 放 映 兩 場 才 去 看 , 發 現 觀 眾 不 少 , 也 看 得 開 心 。
現 在 新 界 人 口 已 佔 全 港 一 半 , 但 港 九 仍 是 娛 樂 重 點 , 新 戲 院 不 少 , 卻 往 往 「 歧 視 」 本 地 片 , 若 非 重 頭 戲 , 就 要 長 途 奔 波 才 能 看 到 , 倒 不 如 稍 後 買 碟 廉 宜 方 便 , 反 過 來 亦 使 港 片 影 市 無 法 全 面 反 彈 。 時 下 院 商 太 捧 南 韓 片 , 其 實 適 合 港 人 口 味 的 南 韓 片 不 多 。

說 回 《 男 歌 女 唱 》 , 由 鄒 凱 光 導 演 , 他 和 鄺 文 偉 、 黃 子 華 合 作 故 事 。 正 如 前 述 , 此 片 粗 俗 搞 笑 , 並 非 精 裝 佳 品 , 勝 在 生 動 , 可 說 粗 製 而 非 濫 造 。
  此 片 首 先 是 辦 公 室 喜 劇 , 十 分 漫 畫 化 , 黃 子 華 很 風 騷 巴 閉 , 自 稱 GM , 卻 不 是 General Manager ( 總 經 理 ) , 只 是 General Messenger( 大 後 生 ) , 全 靠 夠 蠱 惑 厚 面 皮 , 大 出 風 頭 , 還 號 稱 唱 K 之 王 。 梅 艷 芳 剛 剛 相 反 , 「 謹 小 慎 微 」 地 管 理 辦 公 室 物 料 , 一 紙 一 筆 都 依 例 絕 不 浪 費 。 她 膽 小 畏 縮 , 成 為 「 透 明 人 」 , 歌 喉 雖 好 , 完 全 無 膽 當 眾 演 唱 。
話 說 梅 艷 芳 奇 蹟 地 入 圍 卡 拉 OK 歌 唱 比 賽 , 自 知 必 定 怯 場 出 醜 , 因 此 請 求 黃 子 華 訓 練 。 他 最 初 乘 機 勒 索 佔 便 宜 , 但 逐 漸 發 生 「 二 人 世 界 」 感 情 , 終 於 真 心 幫 她 克 服 畏 羞 , 出 賽 爭 勝 。  《 男 歌 女 唱 》 拍 攝 辦 公 室 、 卡 拉 OK 和 同 事 情 緣 , 儘 管 胡 鬧 卡 通 化 , 始 終 有 現 實 生 活 感 。 片 中 唱 K 鬼 馬 多 端 , 練 歌 與 鬥 唱 還 搞 出 武 俠 感 , 其 中 黃 子 華 與 黃 一 飛 決 鬥 , 梅 艷 芳 又 突 遇 勁 敵 , 最 似 比 武 過 招 。
自 從 《 男 親 女 愛 》 走 紅 後 , 黃 子 華 的 作 風 就 很 誇 張 招 積 , 「 庸 俗 化 」 了 , 但 他 今 次 扮 演 招 積 大 後 生 相 當 貼 切 , 妙 語 連 珠 , 還 有 自 嘲 感 。 梅 艷 芳 扮 怕 醜 透 明 人 亦 好 , 她 演 喜 劇 向 來 別 具 一 格 , 許 紹 雄 演 公 司 總 經 理 , 被 黃 子 華 累 到 不 斷 失 業 降 格 , 則 可 笑 又 可 憐 。 此 片 有 粗 俗 又 有 嘔 吐 , 不 過 整 體 的 喜 劇 效 果 卻 不 差 , 亦 有 當 今 香 港 諷 刺 性 。
[Let's Sing Along], A Comedy Dayo Wong Nasty, Anita Mui Nervous.
[Let's Sing Along], although not elaborate, is full of laughing material.  Dayo Wong is really nasty and hateful, while Anita Mui is just so nervous and so laughable.  It is with so much laughing stock in everyday life of ordinary Hong Kong people. When I was watching this movie, the reaction from the audience was good.  This movie is on the topic of singing Karaoke, though a bit exaggerated, it is familiar to Hong Kong people.
It is really unusual that a movie with such attractive topic and good movie stars is not shown in the popular theatres.  It is only shown in theatres in New Territories.  On Hong Kong Island, it is only being shown at Capital, Wanchai.  Last weekend I just learnt that it is shown at Windsor, Causeway Bay.  But it is only shown twice per day.  However, I found that it was quite full, and all the audience enjoyed it very much.
It is true that half of the Hong Kong population reside in New Territories, but the entertainment attraction is still in the city areas of Hong Kong and Kowloon.  There are plenty of new cinemas, but Hong Kong production is often being discriminative.  If  it is not a movie with big investment, we have to travel far to watch a movie.  So it would be cheaper to buy a VDC/DVD later. This is one of the reasons that the movie industry of Hong Kong cannot completely recover.  Nowadays, the business people in movie industry like to invest in movies from South Korea.  Actually not too many South Korean movies suit the taste of Hong Kong people.
Let's go back to our movie [Let's Sing Along].  It is directed by Matt Chow, and story is also designed by him together with Kwong Man Tat and Dayo Wong.  Just as mentioned above, it is just a very ordinary comedy, nothing too elaborate.  But it is full of life, a cheap production but not low class.
It is a comedy based on an office environment,  very comical.  Dayo Wong acts like a big shot. He calls himself GM, but he is not a General  Manager, instead a General Messenger.  But he enjoys fooling  around and very thick skinned.  He is quite popular in the office, and is known as King of Karaoke.  On the contrary, Anita Mui is very conscientious in her work.  She is in charge of office supplies.  She never wastes any pens or paper.  She is shy, and regarded as transparent.  Though she has good singing voice, she never dares sing in front of others.
But miraculously she enters a Karaoke singing contest.  Knowing that she would be too nervous to perform well, she asks Dayo to train her.  At the beginning, Dayo tries to take advantage her.  But gradually they begin to like each other.  Anita finally overcomes her nervousness and shyness, she wins the contest.
[Let's Sing Along] is all about office, Karaoke, and relations among the staff.  Even it is comical, it gives you the feel of our real everyday life.  It is really funny when they are singing Karaoke, and when Ah Mui is being trained.  Also when Dayo is fighting against Wong Yat Fei, and when Anita Mui encounters strong competitors, it is just like warriors in Ku Fung fighting.
After Dayo Wong got famous after his [Nam Ch'n Lui Oi], his style is getting very exaggerated and too common.  But this time, when cast as an arrogant Office Messenger, he is full of amusing conversation and he is self sardonic.  Anita Mui being cast as a super shy, transparent office lady has good performance too.  She has her own unique style when acting as a comedian.  Hui Siu Hung, as a General Manager, lost his job because of Dayo, is funny and pitiful.  The whole  movie is very ordinary, but on the whole it is a good comedy, also full of sarcasm. Copyright ed by Casper Snoopy.
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