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(Articles related to Mui's activity from the media scene of China)

梅豔芳的名字在國內並不陌生,但是也不可說是最最紅, 因阿梅從無積極打入內地市場的動力,她前幾年也沒有真正參加內地的大型活動,或如其他歌星在內地開個唱。但今年, 2002年, 卻不同了, 在她入行二十年的年頭,一連串的紀念活動,國內各界也極關心. 

Anita Mui is well known in China, but her popularity is not the highest.  This is because she has never tried to develop her market there, so she has never really involved in any musical function, or held her own concert there for the past few years. But 2002 is different, the  year of her 20th anniversary of her career in show biz.  She has planned a series of functions for celebration, and the media in China is very concerned about every movement of hers too. 

 她的 [With] 紀念大碟, 她的 [極夢幻演唱會]在香港的十場盛況, 內地傳媒也搶著報導.  在她被邀請為北京舉行的第四屈 [CCTV-MTV音樂盛典]頒獎嘉賓及唯一的表演嘉賓時,及在北京舉行的[慶祝香港回歸五周年音樂會]亮相後,她在國內的名氣越來越大.  最近期的武漢演唱會也好評如潮.  

The release of her album [With], the 10 shows of her [Fantasy Gig 2002 Concert] in Hong Kong, all attracted wide coverage of media in China.  When she was invited for as the guest for presenting awards and the only guest singer for [the 4th CCTV-MTV Music Award] , and after performance for [The celebration of the 5th year Hong Kong returned to China Ceremony] in Beijing, her popularity in China soared.  Her recent participation in Wuhan concert was also highly appraised .

同時阿梅在電影 [男人四十]的出色表現, 被本年度長春電影節膺選為最佳女主角.  她的演技被國內導演, 電影人確認是最值得幸慶的.  

Also, Ah Mui's role in the movie [July Rhapsody] was awarded as the Best Actress by the Changchun Film Festival in August 2002. This recognition on her acting skill by the producers and movie professionals in China is a far better anniversary gift to her than anything else.

阿梅這幾年的默默耕耘沒有白費, 她如 [臥虎藏龍]再次出穴,氣勢如虹.

For all these years she has worked and kept her improvement quietly.  Just like "a crouching tiger, hidden dragon",

本網收集了以下多篇國內的傳媒, 樂評等文章在此轉登.  他們讚多過談,無論如何, 梅迷們,甚至阿梅本人也應以客觀的態度分析這些評論.  始終, 內地市場和歡眾的口味對阿梅來說還是有餘地進一步了解及熟悉.  不過, 阿梅在即將來臨的上海十月個唱一定會使她在國內更受歡迎, 使更多人認識甚麼叫臺風, 使更多人欣賞到一位真正樂壇天后的才華和風釆.

We have collected more than 10 articles written by media, movie critics or music critics of China and displayed here.  On the whole, more praise than criticism.  Anyhow, hope all Mui's fans and even Ah Mui herself would read those reviews objectively.  After all, the market in China and the taste of audience there are still not that familiar to Ah Mui, and a better rapport could still be developed.  But, the coming Mui's concert in Shanghai in October will definitely boost her popularity in China.  But more importantly,  the Chinese audience can finally experience her unique stage charisma that is well known, enjoy some of her beautiful songs live, an enjoy the style of a talented great super star.

  (Those with English title have already been translated, others will follow!)

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