Anita Mui


July Rhapsody


Presented by  ALEXANDER WONG                出品人     王海峰                      

Producers       DEREK YEE/ANN HUI             監製          爾冬陞/許鞍華

Directed by    ANN HUI                                導演          許鞍華

Screenplay      IVY HO                                   編劇          岸西



Anita Mui (梅豔芳)    Jacky Cheung (張學友)   Karena Lam (林嘉欣)    Shaun Tam (譚俊彥)



 Anita Mui Says:

Family problems are prominent everywhere - they are not limited to people in their 40s.  Urbanites tend to be selfish, and self-centred   -   chasing after their dreams without thinking about their families.  One day, if I realize that I am in a loveless marriage, the only reason that keeps me going will be my children.  Once you are a parent, you will learn to tolerate.  Just like my character in the film, she still wants to meet her man for the last time - it is not love anymore, it's sympathy, it's a closure to their loveless relationship.

If I had a choice, will I want to know the truth?

Yes!  I will try to obtain the truth from my husband and leave.  Ignorant is more painful than knowing the truth.  The characters in the story can't even be true to themselves.  Both of them use silence as an escape.  To me, being true to oneself gives me self respect.


每個家庭都有自己的問題, 並不限於中年問題只怪現代人普遍都較自私, 太任性, 只顧追求自己想要的, 而往往忘卻了家人.

假如有一朝, 我發覺對丈夫已沒有感覺, 能使我不離開的原因, 也許只有一個為了下一代有兒女, 你就學會忍耐.

像故事中的角色, 事隔多年, 還要看以前的男人最後一眼, 雖說是誇張, 但也非沒可能不過那已非愛, 而是出於憐憫, 也有點恨只是想把一件埋在心底多年的心事, 來個了結.


一定會!  最多知道真相之後就走因我自信甚麼痛楚都可忍受, 最難忍的反而是不聞不問, 假裝不知故事中人, 只不過想逃避, 他們連對自己也不忠而我絕對是個忠於自己的人.



Ann Hui says:

I went through my midlife crisis a long time ago.  It wasn't really a crisis, though.

After a while, you just go back to your life, you go on living.  This project marks a new stage for me professionally.

I understood Ivy Ho's story and my personal experience allowed me to let go, to tell Ivy's story.  And it was a smooth production.

The people I worked with on the film were usually younger than me and they were very opinionated.  And this is partly the theme of the film:  the possibility of re-experiencing youth.  Although I come in contact with a lot of younger students, I know very little about them.  I always think that most university students know what they want all too well.

Time have changed - instead of seeing this as a film about midlife crisis, let's say that it's a story about two people from different generations crossing paths and meeting the same fate.  Two paths meet; fate repeats itself.

If I had a choice, would I be able to choose my fate at 17?

When I was a student, I didn't think too much - I only did what I liked - studying literature, reading... I never thought about future.

我的中年危機一早己過. 其實也算不上甚麼危機, 反問自己總是有的, 但問過之後, 還不是繼續工作今次製作卻也是一個新階段, 我認同岸西的故事就去執行, 可說是我最放鬆去拍的一部.

當然, 跟我合作的人也不怎麼年青了, 但他們總有許多關於時下年青人的有趣意見這大抵也是主題的一部份吧青春去了, 你總想重拾我雖跟年青學生時有接觸, 但也未算深入, 總覺現在的大學生就是太清楚自己將來工作的目標了.

時代不同與其說這故事關乎中年危機, 不如說那是一個人處身兩個時代當中, 所遇到的相似機緣. 人生無常, 但兩代的足印卻重疊上一代的故事, 竟巧合又在今天重演, 你將如何應付?

如果可以選擇可會像女主角一樣, 十七歲就決定自己的方向?

年青讀書時, 不曉得想太多, 只管做自己想做的: 我喜愛文學, 愛看書從沒想過將來做甚麼.

Derek Yee says:

Everyone goes through a midlife crisis - I find that L've lived my life according to what society expected of me, and not as the man that truly am.  After 40, you begin your countdown.  One has accepted his midlife without even thinking much about it.  Has my life been worth anything?

Would you believe me if I told you that my love life is a total failure?  Young girls drawn to the older, more mature men.  Men who are financially more established.  Men who can give them lessons in life.  And Love?

Do men see this adoration as a means of sexual relief?  And the relief that there is no pressure to commit.  What about being labeled a Dirty Old Man?  Hong Kong men fear that the most!

If you had a choice, wouldn't you rather be with a young girl?

It's no big deal!  Outside of the teacher-student relationship, I don't see why a man and a younger woman cannot get involved.  Being older gives you the advantage.

Jacky Cheung says:

40 is merely a number, not a milestone.  There aren't rules saying that men at 40 should behave in a certain way. 

Men have always tried to turn back the clock with younger women.  Often, this attempt to revisit their youth works too well - they become children.

Why do men feel that they have to find love outside of marriage at this age?  Is it really necessary?  But what about the Man at 40 who finds that his wife of 20 years has never truly loved him?  Does he continue loving her?  There are no easy answers to this predicament. 

Back to my life - I really change a lot, when my daughter was born.  I used to think that no matter what I did, my woman will forgive me.  A daughter is different.  She wouldn't forgive me that easily.  I had to think about her now.

If I had a choice, would I get involved with a woman who had a child with another man?

At this stage of my life, I know that love is not just about being responsible, it's about forgiveness and a mature view of the here and now. Copyright ed by Casper Snoopy.
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